Sunday, January 30, 2011


I won't give up on our distant love, 
I won't let it end as a dream, 

The wind gently caresses my cheeks, 
Clouds drift in the blue sky, 
On days like this I remember, 
The days we spent laughing together, 

Even if we're far apart, 
I want you to remember, 
On tearful days you have a friend here, 
To share your pain with, 

The future will begin to change color, 
With strong faith, 
No matter how many detours you take, 
I know someday you'll get there, 

We talked til dawn on the phone, 
Forgetting the passage of time, 
You always gave me courage, 
With your casual words, 

So we don't regret the present, which will never come again, 
Let's not look back at the hurt in our past... 

I won't give up our distant love, 
I won't let it end as a dream,
The eternal light everyone searches for,
Is surely in your hands,..